We recommend you only purchase Nelson Honey & Marketing’s products under our Brand Names Nelson Honey, Royal Nectar and Nectar Ease from officially authorised distributors, wholesalers and retailers. If you purchase from our official resellers and have any quality concerns you will be covered under our Customer Satisfaction Programme. Just take the product back to the shop you purchased from with a copy of the receipt.

Select the region in the drop down menu on your right to find the nearest reseller in New Zealand, or select a country below and contact our distributor for overseas resellers (scroll down to the contact form at the bottom of the page where you can contact our distributors directly).

Find a New Zealand reseller in your region.


Horizon Co. Ltd
Website (Taobao) | Website (JD) | Website (Tmall) | Website (YHD.com)

Email| +86 10 84775808

Belred Technology Company Ltd T/A Leqee

Tmall Flagship Store  |  Email


Blossoms BH Wholesale Pty LTD
5 Averill Street
Rhodes NSW 2138
Website | Email | +61 2 8765 8824

Jama Australia Pty Ltd
Unit 2, 10-12 Union Street
Stepney SA 5081
Website | Email | +61 8 8363 4302

Imex Corporation Pty Ltd
1/28 Prime Drive
Seven Hills NSW 2147
Website | Email | +61 2 8678 7341

Hong Kong

Tak Hung Hong International Ltd
Website | Email | +85 (0)2 26064233

New Zealand Natural Exports Ltd (Honey only)
Website | Email | +64 (0)92555870


Foodpath Pte Ltd
Website | Email | +65 6295 0973

United States

We are finalising details for our US Distributor. Stay tuned for more information.

United Kingdom & Ireland

Nelson Honey (UK) Ltd & Ireland
Website | Email | +44 (0)1452831004

Thailand & Cambodia

Asia Pacific Distributors
Website | Email | +61 414 290035


Innov8 Aotearoa Ltd (honey only)
Email | +64 (0)2102044144


Prestige Plastics Incorporated
8 Glorious Sun Street
Potrero, Malabon 1475

Email | +63 2 3663385

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