Feel great with Nectar Ease

Here at Nelson Honey we’re passionate about bees and the many great things they produce, like honey, propolis, pollen and bee venom. Our range of health products is designed to help you feel great, assist with moving freely, and support good joint health and the body’s natural healing abilities.

Nectar Ease combines the best of Manuka Honey and Bee Venom. It forms the basis for our famous Royal Nectar skincare range, but can also be ingested, either as a honey or in capsule form and may assist in helping you move more freely. Nectar Ease Plus has added Glucosamine Sulphate which may assist in maintaining healthy joints.

We look after our bees and ensure the extraction of bee venom doesn’t harm the bee! A glass plate gets installed right in front of the entrance to the hive and a small electrical current runs through the glass. The bees get agitated when they touch the glass and will ‘sting’ the glass, leaving behind the bee venom. Their stinger doesn’t get stuck in the glass and the bee goes about its normal business afterwards. To find out more click here.

Propolis is used as a sterilising agent by bees and they use it in their hives to seal any cracks and keep intruders out. Apiarists collect propolis by scraping hive frames. These propolis shavings are then processed to extract a concentrated liquid. Our Bee Propolis Dropper can be applied topically to support healing of minor cuts, rashes, burns and insect bites, or diluted and used as a mouth wash and throat gargle to support oral health. We also have a throat spray which is diluted and ready-to-use spray – really handy when you’re on the run!

Pollen is collected by bees from flower blossoms in spring time and they add their own enzymes and honey to form granules which they use as a food. Depending on where bees have been foraging, bee pollen will come in colours ranging from cream to dark brown. This variety leads to variations in the composition of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins, amino acids and sugars.

Mankind has been using pollen for thousands of years for a variety of health and energy related conditions. Scientific research indicates bee pollen may support the immune system, enhance resistance to allergies and provide an energy boost.

Alpine Manuka and Kanuka Essential Oils are distilled from Manuka and Kanuka leaves gathered in a sustainable manner (only leaves, small branches and seed capsules are used) from remote Nelson bush land. Both oils are used to support healing by application to minor cuts, burns, insect bites and rashes.

Our Manuka Mouthwash is a diluted version of the Manuka Essential Oil and may be used as a gargle to support the healing of mouth and throat infections.

Finally, our Apple Cider Vinegar with Manuka Honey Blend is a 100% natural product made with sun-ripened Nelson apples and Nelson Honey’s Manuka Honey to aid digestion.

Nectar Ease

  • Nectar Balm

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  • Nectar Ease

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  • Nectar Ease 120g

    Nectar Ease 120g

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  • Nectar Ease Capsules

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  • Nectar Ease Plus

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  • Nectar Ease Plus Capsules

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Nelson Honey

  • Alpine Manuka Essential Oil

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  • Alpine Manuka Mouthwash

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  • Apple Cider Vinegar with Manuka Honey Blend

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  • Nelson Honey Bee Pollen Capsules

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  • Nelson Honey Pollen Granules

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  • Propolis Dropper

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  • Propolis Throat Spray

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