Our unique Royal Nectar Batch Track programme ensures that you bought a quality, genuine product from an official reseller.

The method to verify your product:

  • You will find a batch number at the bottom of each jar and bottle or Royal Nectar products. Enter the complete code (letters and digits) without any spaces into the form on the right.

The Batch Track will lead you to our Authorised Overseas Distributors or New Zealander wholesalers to who the Royal Nectar product was sold to. Feel free to contact the resellers and distributors directly for more information about the shop you purchased our product from.

For peace of mind and product warranty we recommend you only purchase from Official Resellers throughout New Zealand and shops supplied by our Authorised Overseas Distributor.

Please note: Batch Track search capabilities have been extended with the launch of our new website and we add new batch numbers regularly, however you may find not all batch numbers have been uploaded yet. If you can’t find your batch number, please contact us.