From Manuka to Honeydew, our bees are producing some of the best honey in the world right here in New Zealand.


Stimulate your skin with the original Bee Venom and Manuka Honey skincare products from New Zealand.


Manuka Honey and Bee Venom are combined to create this tasty food which supports an active lifestyle.


nelson honey

For more than 100 years the Cropp family have worked alongside nature, extracting honey delicately from honeycomb to bring you the finest quality product, direct from New Zealand’s own backyard.

In 1973 third generation beekeeper Philip Cropp, after learning all there is to know about bees and beekeeping from his parents and grandparents, established Nelson Honey & Marketing. His passion for bees, the many wonderful products they produce and amazing health benefits they may provide, has seen Nelson Honey grow from humble beginnings to a hugely successful company with a growing range of honey products sought after worldwide.

Philip’s “Honey will fix it” approach is legendary among friends, neighbours and customers and has been the driver behind some of the revolutionary products he has developed over the years such as Nectar Ease and Royal Nectar.


  • Honeydew Honey

    NZD $9.00NZD $41.00
  • West Coast Honey

    NZD $8.00NZD $40.00
  • Nectar Ease

    NZD $29.90
  • Royal Nectar Face Mask

    Royal Nectar Original Face Mask – 50ml

    NZD $72.00
  • royal nectar Face lift

    Royal Nectar Moisturising Face Lift – 50ml

    NZD $64.95
  • Royal Nectar Bee Venom Eye Cream

    Royal Nectar Bee Venom Eye Cream – 15ml

    NZD $35.00
  • Nectar Ease Plus

    NZD $39.90
  • Nectar Ease Balm Bee Venom

    Nectar Ease Balm

    NZD $25.50NZD $41.00
  • Nelson Honey Bee Pollen Capsules

    NZD $25.50NZD $44.50
  • Nectar Ease Plus Capsules

    NZD $58.00
  • Apple Cider Vinegar with Manuka Honey Blend

    Apple Cider Vinegar with Manuka Honey Blend

    NZD $16.00NZD $24.00
  • Manuka Honey MG200

    Manuka Honey 200MG

    NZD $12.00 Sale!
  • Alpine Manuka Mouthwash

    NZD $10.50NZD $19.50
  • Propolis Throat Spray

    Propolis Throat Spray

    NZD $22.00
  • Manuka Honey

    NZD $13.50NZD $64.50
  • Manuka Honey Soap with Aloe Vera

    NZD $4.50
  • Nectar Ease Capsules

    NZD $46.00
  • Propolis Dropper

    Propolis Dropper

    NZD $24.50
  • Manuka Honey Soap with Natural Herbs

    NZD $4.50
  • Royal Nectar Soap

    Royal Nectar Bee Venom and Manuka Honey Soap

    NZD $7.20
  • Manuka Honey Soap with Bee Venom

    NZD $4.50
  • Manuka Honey Soap with Lavender

    NZD $4.50
  • Manuka Honey with added Propolis

    NZD $26.00
  • Gift Pack Honey Assortment

    Gift Pack Honey Assortment

    NZD $29.50
  • Gift Pack (New) – Skincare Favourites

    NZD $125.40
  • Rainbow Station Manuka Honey (30+) Multifloral

    Rainbow Station Manuka Honey

    NZD $9.95NZD $38.95
  • Royal Nectar Premium Face Mask

    Royal Nectar Premium Face Mask

    NZD $79.99
  • Nelson Honey Pollen Granules

    Nelson Honey Pollen Granules

    NZD $44.50
  • Manuka Honey Soap with Lemon Pumice

    NZD $4.50
  • Rainbow Station Multifloral Manuka Honey

    Rainbow Station Manuka Honey & West Coast

    NZD $8.00NZD $34.00 Sale!
  • Manuka Honey with Blackcurrant

    NZD $21.50
  • Rainbow Station Gift Pack Honey

    Rainbow Station Gift Pack

    NZD $17.00 Sale!
  • Rainbow Station Manuka Honey Honeydew

    Rainbow Station Manuka Honey & Honey Dew (30+) Blend

    NZD $8.55NZD $33.55
  • Honeycomb

    NZD $21.00
  • West Coast-Honey-Lemon

    West Coast Honey with Lemon

    NZD $11.75NZD $20.50
  • Honeycomb Seconds

    NZD $10.00
  • Alpine Manuka Essential Oil

    Alpine Manuka Essential Oil

    NZD $21.50
  • forsyth island manuka honey

    Forsyth Island Manuka Honey

    NZD $19.50
  • Royal Nectar Toner

    Royal Nectar Toner

    NZD $44.95
  • Manuka Honey MGO 550+

    NZD $74.00NZD $129.00
  • Shield Mask

    NZD $7.00
  • Royal Nectar Manuka Honey 250gmonofloral MG300

    Manuka Honey Monofloral MG300+

    NZD $49.50
  • Shield Mask Gift Pack

    NZD $24.50
  • 1200 Manuka Honey

    Manuka Honey MG 1200+

    NZD $250.00
  • ON THE GO Rainbow Station Manuka Honey MG 30+

    ON THE GO Rainbow Station Manuka Honey MG 30+

    NZD $22.50
  • 850+Manuka Honey

    Manuka Honey MG 850+

    NZD $129.00
  • Royal Nectar Rejuvenating Serum

    NZD $38.50
  • Royal Nectar For Acne Kit

    NZD $69.90
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