Hi there at Nelson Honey…..I am writing in regard to your Royal Nectar Products……Fabulous, brilliant and wonderful….Moisturising, nourishing and effective…I am finding that my skin looks really good!!!…I absolutely love the fact that it is all natural….my skin feels lovely and tight after application………..my skin looks smoother and has a freshness and brightness to it……I say …well done!!!!!…I am an avid user….I cannot understand why women are spending their money on products that are chemical based and cost the earth…(literally)…I am positive those products are highly damaging on the skin…..Thank you for creating such a superb product…


Nectar Easy Plus honey has to me been a God send! Not only does it taste really lovely it has improved my family’s wellbeing.
My Mum started having a honey sandwich at lunch time. She hoped it would help her very painful neck as she was unable to turn her head – it worked!
My old doggie Snowie started to get arthritis in one of his front legs, so sad to see him in such pain. I started to give him a level teaspoon of Nectar Ease Plus at night time. After having about 3/4 of a jar, instead of plodding down to the gate to meet me after work – he ran! His whole body changed, bright eyed once more & best of all – no pain.
I now take the honey myself for arthritis in my knee. I have noticed a vast improvement & now walk about without feeling any pain.
Where would we be without the bees…


I have just started using Royal Nectar Original Face Mask and  Royal Nectar Moisturising Face Lift and I am thrilled with the immediate results! Thank you so much for developing a natural  product that allows my skin to be the best it can be. I love the way it has softened my face lines in a natural way. I am really very impressed and will  be recommending your products to everyone I know.


I have been using the Royal Nectar Face Mask  for a few weeks now and my skin feels so much firmer but the best thing is that I had several blemishes on my face including a red mark on my cheek and they have disappeared. This means I do not have to cover it up with heaps of make up.


I order from you all the time! My Grandfather in Wales has terrible arthritis and was diagnosed with a stomach ulcer last year. He can’t take any medication to help ease his pain. I saw your product (Nectar Ease Plus) on the tele a while back and thought I’d send him some honey in hope it would help.
He can’t believe how good it works and uses it every day. He’s even tried other products being shipped into the UK and none of them work as well as yours.
So thank you for allowing me to give my 87 year old Granddad some much needed pain relief.

C Dickson

……I have been using your Royal Nectar now for about one month. I am very happy with the product. Since I have been using Royal Nectar, I have not been getting the crusting back from a small piece of skin cut from under my lower eyelid….


Dear Philip. This Royal Nectar Face Mask is a miracle. Good on you for producing such a fine product. Each morning and evening I use the Royal Nectar as a nourisher and apply it liberally. The bee venom I have now limited to when I am feeling an itch and just put it on the spot. Has a cooling numbing effect.


Although it has not (as yet) taken away the eczema it is a triumph in itself to find a cream that I can put on my arms without having a reaction. Prior to using your product the only ointment I could use was cortizone, of which your skin tends to develop an addiction to. Now I rarely use the cortizone and have every confidence that over the summer months (when I have less problems) I might make good progress with healing the skin.
It is a great product with good healing properties and has good potential at least to assist those with this disease, which whilst it manifests itself in the skin is in fact coming from internally.
This is not said lightly and the product is in my view exceptional for eczema sufferers. Huge potential! Any person or company wanting a recommendation would be most welcome to contact me.
Very grateful to you and appreciate all that you have done.